Unique Marble for Unique Projects

Take a look at some of the stunning projects where different shades of marble from Fauske plays an important role. 

Ureddsplassen, near Bodø. Probably the most beautiful rest area in the world, located in the Northern Norway. Photo: Lars Grimsby
Designmuseum Danmark during the renovation in 2020-22. Photo: Designmuseum Danmark

Designmuseum Danmark

  • Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen went through a big renovation in 2020-2022.

  • Hermelin marble from Fauske was chosen for a large part of the flooring. 

  • The marble floors and the historic building is a perfect match. 

Interior of Sorgenfri. Photo: Sorgenfri Cafe

Sorgenfri Cafe

  • Sorgenfri is a cafe, gallery, and design studio, located in Oslo.

  • The designers have a strong focus on using local materials of high quality.

  • Norwegian rose marble from Fauske is one of their favorites and can be seen in the interior of the cafe.

Table designed by Poul Kjærholm. Photo: Fritz Hansen

Fritz Hansen Furniture

  • Fritz Hansen is an international design house, well known for their timeless design brands.

  • One of their famous brands is the furniture of Poul Kjærholm.

  • Hermelin marble from Fauske is used for Kjærholm’s prestigious tables.